Welcome to the jodel-passion.org web site. This site was created by Hans Teijgeler and was originally hosted on www.jodel.com.

Unfortunately the page was lost and I, Pako Martagón have recovered it, although some contents have been lost definitively. From this paragraph the page tries to recreate the original website, so Hans´ references continue to appear.

This site is a gathering of Jodel related info that has gotten a bit out of hand and is not allied to avions Jodel or Robin in any way. Please read the disclaimer before using any information that can be found on this site. If you see something that is not accurate, have something that might be of interest to others or just want to talk Jodels, then drop me a note at hans@jodel.com.

Between finishing my own Jodel, making a living, raising my little son and being nice to my wife, friends and family, not a whole lot of time remains to take care of this site. Time restraints have forced me to leave the site abandoned for nearly three years and I am slowly picking up where I have left. Some of the information is outdated. I know. Please bear with me for a while longer..

In any case, Have fun!

Hans Teijgeler.

Author Hans Teijgeler
The photos in this web site are from the excellent book by Xavier Massé,
sent in by happy Jodel owners, lifted from the web or taken by myself.